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Dark Wash Cleansing Power

The DARK WASH CLEANSING POWDER is a product that allows for both cleansing and mask application.

powder 4 room So Lip Painting

Glamorous look with the glossy, iridescent, and long-lasting SO LIP PAINTING

Skin Booster Milk Oil Serum

Whitening sparkle oil serum that lightly embraces dry skin with the hydration oil
and nutritious serum to make your skin milky white and moistly glow 365 days a year

Melting Oil Gel Mask

Plump gel-like oil softly melts into your skin to provide deep moisturization and nourishment

So Fresh Perfume

Aromatic scent to please your unique sensibility
Signature Sensual Perfume

BEST 20.



Concentrate Premium Essential Deep Facial Oil

Vitamin Magic Sparkle Ampoule that takes care of dark skin into sparkling, fine skin texture

All Day Tight Make Up Setting

A mist-type fog spray makeup fixer that hydrates moisture when spraying and
keeps the outside of your skin elastic to moisturize your skin and fix your makeup at the same time.

Centella Asiatica Ointment

An auxiliary treatment ointment, as a product useful for partial treatment of wounds and skin ulcers,
helps in taking care of the roughened skin.

Ceramide Cream

Moisturization-filled Cera Cream whose ceramide content coats skin
with a moisturization layer to prevent moisture evaporation
and fermented components supply ample moisturization and nutrition

Centella Facial Thin Mask

Centella skin-calming mask that quickly calms inflamed, aggravated,
sensitive skin to maintain skin softness.

Cover Fixing Cushion

Customized color over cushion that does not float!!
.5 Cover Lie Cushion that creates a borderless base like your skin and covers your blemishes like a lie

Facial Design Pink Mud Mask

Its pink mud content absorbs sebum, impurities, and dust to keep your skin tight and elastic!!

Centella Magic Powder

Centella Magic Powder helpful to rapidly calm down,
instead of squeezing the breakouts of A**, T** on the troubled skin.

So Lips

So Lips with high color development + high contrast + high gloss that creates enviable lips
with moisture added by lively color

Makeup Holding Finish Powder Fixer

The eyeshadow that has fine particles that it does not clump up around the eyes and
the eyeliner spread well without clumping up. And they do last longer.

Clear Oxygen Cream

Moisture sparkle oxygen bubble cream whose clotty oxygen bubbles melt on your skin to
deliver bright and transparent moisture nutrition to your skin texture

Deep Moisture Cera Focus Essential First Essence

Moisture-filled Cera Essence that you put on first
after face wash to boost the absorption rate of other base products
and its ceramide and fermented contents provide your skin with moisturization and nourishment

All Kill Blackhead Stick

Blackhead Kill Red Nose Stick, a pretty nose project that smoothens
your nose and cleans up your nose base

Turn-up Shine Magic Ampoule

Vitamin Magic Sparkle Ampoule that takes care of
dark skin into sparkling, fine skin texture

Blemish Clear Patch

Quasi-drug wound protection patch that helps minimize the scar on the face by protecting
the wound from external contamination such as germ, dust, bacteria, etc., preventing a scab formation.

Oil Control Watery Sun Gel

Oil Control Watery Sun Gel that softly and moistly spreads without oiliness
or a white cast to fill the moisturization for sebum control for cleaner skin

Smoothing Facial Deep Cleansing Oil

Light and refreshing initial cleansing oil that maximizes cleansing
without stimulating your skin and leaves you with a light finish

Repairtox P3 2-week Cure Ampoule

High-concentration, intensive elastic skin corset ampoule that keeps the outside your skin moist
and smooth and inside firm with pure vitamin C powder and a single drop
of high-concentration elastic ampoule to smooth your crumbly, distorted facial outline

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